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Content Guidelines

These guidelines create a readable, informative, consistent style that lets you effectively communicate with the public.

  1. Be considerate and aware of how your information is used:
    1. Remember people plan their schedules around this information
    2. If you reschedule or cancel an event that has been posted for a while or that is coming up very soon, rather than deleting the event, change the event title and description by adding RESCHEDULED or CANCELED

  2. The information:
    1. Must be true and accurate
    2. Must be legal
    3. Must be permissible to make publicly available
    4. Must not be confidential
    5. Must not be pornographic nor ethnic inflammatory

  3. Do not be sloppy
    1. Use proper spelling
    2. Use proper capitalization
    3. Use proper punctuation
    4. Do not capitalize entire words
    5. Do not use all lower case
    6. Do not use all upper case
    7. Do not use exclamation points
    8. Do not use quotes, except around a title or quote
    9. Do not use special characters to draw attention, like * and #

  4. Do not hype your information
    1. Do not use hyperbole
    2. Do not use words like greatest and best
    3. Do not exaggerate

  5. Be informative
    1. Set expectations
    2. List who, what, when, where and how much
    3. List what is included
    4. List activities
    5. List give-aways

  6. Do sell your event
    1. Be descriptive, ie. lavish buffet
    2. Be fun, educational, meaningful, friendly
    3. Put your event in the best light
    4. Make people want to go
    5. Be stimulating

  7. Be brief
    1. Less is more
    2. When in doubt, leave out
    3. Sentence fragments are fine
    4. Write "by" instead of "hosted by"
    5. Write "with" instead of "including"
    6. Write "lunch at" instead of "have lunch at"
    7. Write "includes" instead of "price includes"
    8. Write "visit" instead of "enjoy a visit" or "join us to visit"
    9. Write "celebrated" instead of "one of the most celebrated"
    10. Write "picnicking" instead of "with recreational opportunities such as picnicking"
    11. Do not write "call for more information"
    12. Do not write "call for price"
    13. Fine to write "call for" directions, exact day or time

  8. Do not use abbreviations in the description
    1. Spell out words
    2. Fine to use "Rsvp", do not use "RSVP" (do not use all caps)

  9. For directions
    1. Use L, R, N, S, E and W
    2. Usually can leave out ave, blvd, street
    3. Write the direction followed by the road like "L on Oak"
    4. For example, "I-95 to Boca Raton, E on Glades, R on Federal"

  10. For entering data in fields
    1. Put the appropriate information in the appropriate fields
    2. Fill in the city, state and country fields
    3. Put only one email in the email field
    4. Put only one website in the website field





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