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Description of Fields

Contact us if you would like to suggest a new choice for a field.

Special Notes       Top

Put email addresses and websites only in their appropriate fields. Put information in mixed case (do use all capitals). Do not use asterisks (*) and exclamation points (!). The field checker will attempt to clean up information entered inappropriately. See the Content Guidelines.

Activity       Top

The primary activity of the event.

Address       Top

The address where the event takes place.

Age group       Top

The age group is very important, being used in most searches.

Area       Top

The area in which to list the event. This may not be where the event takes place. For example, if your organization is taking a group of people from Atlanta to go skiing in Colorado, the Area is Atlanta.

City       Top

The city in which the event takes place.

Color       Top

The color to use for the event name to make the event stand out. Color draws attention and adds legitimacy. If you do not specify a color, the color is selected based on characteristics about the event, such as Singles.

Specify 000000 to FFFFFF. Colors are made from a combination of Red, Green and Blue. The first two characters indicate the amount of Red, the middle two the amount of Green, and the last two the amount of Blue.

00 means an absence of the color and FF means the maximum amount of the color. For example, FF7700 is all Red and half Green and no Blue. See the color chart.

Requires Enhanced Features.

Contact       Top

The name and title, if you like, of the contact person. You may put more than one.

Country       Top

The country in which the event takes place.

Description       Top

Describe the event. Do not put "call for more information" as that is obvious. Clarify or put any additional information that you could not fit in the specific fields except email addresses and websites. Do not repeat information that appears in the other fields.

For Free Features limit your description to 255 characters. For Enhanced Features limit your description to 765 characters.

If you enter too many characters, your information will be truncated and a warning message will appear above the form. You can cut and paste your overflow text from the warning message back into the form for editing.

See the Content Guidelines.

Email       Top

You can put more than one email address separated by a comma.

Requires Plus Features. If you have Plus Features, you may also enter email addresses into other fields, otherwise extra email addresses will be removed.

Feature       Top

Level of features.

See the Fees and Features page for more information.

Gender       Top

If the event is for a particular gender, select that.

Interest       Top

Select the appropriate interest. Click the New button to get a list of sub-interests and then select the appropriate one, if any.

Marital status       Top

Select the appropriate marital status.

Phone       Top

The phone number to call for more information about the event. You may put more than one. You may also use this with the contact field to list multiple contacts and their phone numbers as best suits your needs.

Do not list email addresses.

Place       Top

The name of the venue, ie. "Java Cafe". You may leave blank.

Profit       Top

Put All Volunteer if no one gets paid who works for the event.

Religion       Top

If the event has a religious affiliation, select that.

Specific age       Top

If the event is limited to specific ages, specify those here, but still specify the broader age group. This field is used only for display purposes and not in searches.

State       Top

The state in which the event takes place. Change the country and click the change or add button to get a new list of states.

Website       Top

The website page that has more information about the event. If this is the same as the website page in your organization entry, you do not need to list it again here.

Requires Enhanced Features. If you have Enhanced Features, you may also enter websites into other fields, otherwise extra websites will be removed.

Websitelinkback       Top

The page on the organization's website that links back here.

Zip       Top

The postal code.





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